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Problems that Scent Step Solved

Hunters are always looking for new and convenient ways to mask their scent and lure wildlife  to their location.  Some hunters may use a drag rag, but the drag rag method doesn't deposit a consistent scent. Additionally, if hunters are able to attract wildlife to certain areas with a lure scent, they have a greater chance to harvest them. Scent Step cover or lure hunting scent dispenser dose just that. Scent Step also saves the hunter money because they can use it over and over, unlike the drag rag it's use is only a few times and then it's thrown away but with Scent Step the hunter washes the applicator lets it dry and Scent Step is ready for the next mornings hunt.

Scent Step Solution

Scent Step enables hunters to mask their scent as they walking through the woods. Also, Scent Step leaves a drop of scent with each step the hunter makes, and attracts wildlife  to the hunter's location by dispersing a lure scent. With the Scent Step the hunter simply pours the scent they choose in the bottle and primes the applicator attaches to their boot and walks to their location. Using the Scent Step the hunter will be dispensing fresh lure scent with every step they take, unlike the drag rag that gets  weaker at hunter's location, Scent Step will be stronger at the hunter's location.  Additionally Scent Step eliminates the use of a drag rag. Scent Step also doubles as a hanging dispenser for continuous scent dispensing. Scent Step will also train your dogs.